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Magic Screen

Magic Screen

Magic Screen

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Protect Your Privacy With Magic Screen!

Perfect for Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and MORE!

Nobody Needs To Know Where You Are Or What Is Behind You!

  • ​Setup And Takedown In 5-10 Sec
  • ​Hide Your Messy Home
  • Works On All Streaming Programs
  • Fits On Any Chair
  • ​Choose Any Custom Backdrop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this screen get rid of the weird fuzzy background effects?

A: The Magic Screen will decrease the amount of "noise" in any virtual background. To have the best picture when using virtual backgrounds, we recommend using a Magic Screen to eliminate any physical background distractions.

Q: Does it work with Zoom?

A: Yes! Absolutely, Yes. If you are using a program such as Zoom, you can select to change your back drop and the green screen allows you to cover up your home office while displaying any virtual backdrop you want. Zoom also recommends the use of a green screen for the best results when using their virtual backdrop feature.

Q: Does this product flop down over time if left on a chair?

A: The Magic Screen is made with spring steel keeping the material taut over years of use. The three adjustable straps and the built-in-stabilizer ensures that the Magic Screen remains upright on almost any chair.

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