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Have you ever wanted an easy way to rest indoor or outdoor without having to carry uncomfortable, large folding chairs? Frustrated over stiff chairs & hammocks that won’t let you relax?

Our Inflatable Air Lounger is the best choice for your needs!😍

This Air Lounger provides the ultimate outdoor relaxation experience. No need for a pump of any sort nor electricity, it just uses air to inflate.

Its special system allows you to inflate it in seconds. The process is so quick and simple, you’ll be relaxing in seconds and it’s just as easy to deflate.


  • No need to carry any sort of pump – All you need is the air
  • Its portable, space-efficient and so versatile
  • Can be used in several situations such as travelling, camping, hiking, beach plus it floats!
  • Tough ripstop polyester with a high density of 210T rip-stop nylon
  • The inflatable loungers are also extremely easy to clean as they are safe for machine wash too
  • Each inflatable lounger comes with a travel carry bag, a compression sack with straps, which makes it quite convenient to store and carry the sleeping bag along.
  • Additionally, it is lightweight, waterproof and odourless

Find your perfect outdoor companion!🥰😴

We have a range of bright, eye-catching, vibrant colours so you can find the perfect one for you. Wherever you want to relax, It is an ideal companion anytime and anywhere. Don’t worry if your surface is slightly rocky either, you can place it almost anywhere since the surface of the Air Lounger can endure rough surfaces such as small rocky roads and hard pavement.

Wondering how to store it? 🤔

To make things even easier, the lounger has its own carrying bag which you can use to store the deflated lounger when bringing it to your ideal spot or deflating it after you’ve used it. This makes the lounger extremely space-efficient and versatile so wherever you’re going; on holiday, camping or a party, all you have to do is chuck it in the back of your car and it's always ready for action.

Instructions :

The Air Sofa has 2 air compartments that need to be filled in separately.
1. Take your lounger out of it’s carrying bag, unfold and roll it out before you start inflating.

Note: if you want to use it right away, we suggest laying it out flat so that it has time to air out as the Loungers have been smashed and compacted during the shipping process and you want to give it time to "unkink" itself internally.

2. Open up one mouth compartment (while keeping the other one closed), make sure you inflate it in a straight line rather than going in circles or if its windy, even better, just run against the wind and close the compartment quickly as soon as you have finished filling it with air.

Note: What you are doing here is inflating each vent separately. It doesn't necessarily need to be a windy day for you to inflate the lounger, however, please ensure you have a few metres of space outside to inflate.

3. Now repeat the process but with the other mouth compartment.

4. Repeat above if needed, then hold openings closed and start rolling the closed ends over 4-5 times until air is compressed and tight.

5. Grab the corner ends of the mouth and bend until clips come together so you can buckle the clips. The Air Lounger should have become 'tighter' with the trapped air and it should now look 100% full of air.

Extra tips:

★ Do remember to close the tabs after each swing.

★ After enough air is trapped into both chambers, make 100% sure that the black bands are flat and pressed firmly together, and all of the inner plastic bladders are NOT protruding from the bands.

★ The safety clip straps need to be firm when fastening, which ensures a good seal on the lounger and a longer inflation time.

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